The latest Fashion Ideas to Follow

Fashion is something that comes within you, ” and fashion is as diverse as mother nature. Fashion can be serene like autumn, it can be playful like spring, it can be little gothic like the cloudy sky, and it can also be dyed like a blue sky. So fashion is spontaneous, it’s ever changing like nature. It’s not only dynamic, but it’s also rebellious, it’s a rule breaker, it’s something that draws outside the circle, it’s you.


Fashion can’t be defined in a single sentence, so can’t be nature. But both of them can define women spirit. The spirit of impetuosity and quirkiness that resides inside you delineates every woman. So fashion mirrors natures and nature reflects the feminine spirit, and that is why it changes with the season.

With the winter is knocking on our door, here we are again searching for what new trends to pull off in this winter.

Ski jacket

This style is to compliment the unique combination of the sporty and sassy-ness of your character. A waxed jacket is something that you can team up with a pair of wooly leggings. You can also style a ski jacket with slacks to get a formal look; don’t forget your killer heels. This winter whips out your Roxy coats and blazers.

Extra-long sleeves

This is not only eccentric but also will give you a cuddle like feeling. And who doesn’t like a warm cuddle in a winter morning? You can buy any winter wear with extra-long sleeves, and your manufacturers make extra-long sleeves as separate accessories to give you some extra comfort.

These can be a perfect alternative to gloves and Rihanna have already made a public appearance wearing one of these. So now comfort is mingled with style, now this can be called a perfect fashion. Play with the colors here, go for mix and match, buy extra-long sleeves with geometrical patter which will add up a whimsical side of yours charm.

Puffer coat

In this winter you are going to see many girls are sporting this style. This will not only provide you great comfort and high-end insulation, but these will also turn heads, because of the quirky colors and texture. You can team this up with your LBD for a cozy date night. These puffer coats come in different colors but try to go for those who comewith monochromatic hues.

Turtleneck dresses

This is one of the safest options in this winter. Fashion wise if you want to be on a safe side, and don’t want to go for any bold step but at the same time want something new this winter, a turtle neck is a right option for you. This will provide you cozy warmth on a winter morning. So enjoy your morning coffee while making a statement with this turtleneck.

Platform boots

Fashion isn’t complete without a pair of chic shoes. This fashion statement will make you taller and will add up an extra zeal to your outfit. Platform boots are in, with this 90’s inspired style you can make your feet feel warmth and can sport trend style at the same time. This one is a perfect combination of sexy stiletto and classy boot; team it up with your every winter wear.


Every styling is incomplete without a proper pair of sunglasses. The new trend in sunglasses is a wooden framed vintage styled and oversized wayfarer sunglass. Bruges is one such sunglass whose uniqueness is the yellowish tinted glass and polarized lens.

End talk

These five together can be the wildest dream of a fashionista like you. But fashion never limits anything, and you can go to any extent and explore more adventurous outfit to wear in this winter. More than anything fashion can’t be demarcated or defined. Fashion pushes your limit to a little further. So sports these looks this winter and explore the joy of walking on the edge. Well, you can thank us later.

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